How Unbound Works, Blue Peter and how to save Africa from the Africans

Lots of folk ask me how Unbound Works. (Well, one person, thanks for that Eddie.) The answer is quite simple. I’ve no idea But then I thought back to my gilded youth when everything was quite simply complicated so that even a kid could understand it.

Unbound is like Blue Peter without -down Shep! In those days John, Peter and Val stood in front of a big hollow tower, made out of polystyrene, with banded numbers on it. They’d look quite glum because there was something bad happening on the other side of the world. But then they’d perk up because they’d thought of a wheeze. All you had to do was send in bits of silver-backed tinsel, take it to the post-office and tell the man it was for Blue Peter. They’d send it on. The tower would fill with silver paper from  kids getting high on helping others and, in particular, helping to save Africa from the Africans. When the tower was full (this would take at least three weeks – unless the postmen were on strike in a show of  solidarity with  the miners) and there would be a triumvirate of triumphant wooly jumpers in front of the tower and Peter or Val whooping and  would tell us that we’d done it again. With all our unstinting efforts we’d save Africa from the Africans.

Unbound work in the same way. But instead of tinsel you send them money. You don’t even ask you  to use a hard-working postman. They let you do it by credit card. And in the back office Val, Peter, John and down Shep sit round a circular table and count the cash for you as it pours in. If you haven’t any cash share this link. If you can’t share this link Shep will be very unhappy.

C’mon you kids out there, pledge to this worth-while cause.

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