Lisa O’Donnell (2012) The Death of Bees

I mourn for books I don’t finish, especially those written by a member of the O’Donnell clan. A book set in Maryhill, with a mum and dad that don’t give a toss about their two daughters and conveniently die. But where they murdered? If so, why?  The two daughters don’t hang about. They bury them in the back garden.

    Look at the opening two lines of the book: ‘Izzy called me Marnie after her mother. She’s dead now, actually they’re both dead.’

    Second paragraph, after introducing, Kimbo, ‘total psycho’. My other pal is Suzie. That’s us, the reader, back to normality.

    Third paragraph. ‘Then there’s my sister Helen, we call her Nelly.’ Nelly’s not right.

    Marnie tells her version of the what is happening in the story.

    Nelly, in the next -mini-chapter tells her version and so the narrative thread winds through different lives.

    Then we get Lennie’s account. Lennie’s a pervert. Well, not really a pervert. He got caught paying for ‘renters’ with an underage lad, but it was more loneliness than sex. The girls are quite safe with him.

    They are an unhappy triumvirate of narrators. I got to page 65. You might get further.

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