Pakistan’s Street of Shame Channel 4, 11pm, written and presented by Jamie Doran.


What if your child came home from school and told you that he didn’t want to go to that cinema because they showed porn movies and adults took young boy there to rape whilst watching?

What if I told you 9 out of 10 street children were sexually abused? A man that works for a bus company where many of these children congregate openly admits that he’s raped 12 or 13 (he wasn’t sure of the number) of these young boys, the youngest about six-years old. He’d no plans to stop.

Why should he? He wasn’t married and these were worthless street boys.

What if I told you it was in the north-west city of Peshwar in Pakistan, would you sigh with relief? (with the subtext, it couldn’t happen here?)

The camera follows Naeem aged twelve. He said he ran away because his parents died and his elder brother kept beating him. Later in the documentary Naeem’s brother freely admits this. When told Naeem had been raped on his first night of ‘freedom’ he says it would have been better if he’d set Naeem on fire.

Naeem takes the camera to a well known meeting point where men buy young boys for sex. We hear him being propositioned. One man offer 1000 rupees (I don’t know how much that is, but I’d guess that it isn’t very much) and complains when rejected because he would be taking him back to a hotel and wouldn’t be having sex with Naeem all night.

Policemen on the ground that are interviewed admit they’re not that interested, or rather with suicide bombers and jihad, it’s not a priority. Politician Imran Khan admits to being ‘totally embarrassed by this’. He promises action. But it’s a cultural thing. Poor people have no political or economic power and  are expendable. Poor children have least power of all. Pakistan’s Street of Shame. Yes, we’ve all got one of those.

2 thoughts on “Pakistan’s Street of Shame Channel 4, 11pm, written and presented by Jamie Doran.

  1. This was very painful to read. Taking advantage of young children because of their vulnerability is cruel beyong words. The frequent cases of rape in India and Pakistan is quite worrying to me. I don’t know what the Governments are doing about this.


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