When Yes Means No (and the 50-50 split).

I’d this great idea for a film. Get Sir Sean Connery to play a hard-nosed cop, training an elite group to take down Al Capone. They’re set to get him on a technicality. Al Capone fails to pay his taxes.

Prime Minister David Cameron phones Sir Sean. ‘We’re ready to cut a deal. We’ve put the frighteners on Al. He’s ready to play ball and cut a deal.’

‘What’s he offering?’ asks Sir Sean.

‘A quarter bottle of Glenfiddich,’ says our Prime Minister. ‘Go easy on him. He provides lots of jobs and it’s all he can afford and he said he resides in the Channel Islands, which technically he does as he’s got a rowing boat with his name, ‘Fuck-Al’, on it parked on a faraway beach.’

‘But who will we blame the Valentine Day’s Massacre on?’ asks Sir Sean.

‘Accidental Suicide. Poor folk that don’t have enough money for bullets or fast getaway cars deserve all they get.’

*Notes for script.

2012 study almost 50% of the top 50 publicly traded companies in the United Kingdom have a British parliamentarian representing them as a director or shareholder.

Former top tax official in the UK David Hartnett who presided over a period of sweetheart deal after sweetheart deal with multinationals and, after a golden handshake,  joined the accountancy firm Deloitte, one of the big four accountancy firms that helps its multinational clients pay a minimal amount of tax.

Currently, eighteen ex-ministers and top civil servants work for the big four accountancy firms.

Go on Sean. Go get those tax thieves with all guns blazing.



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