Tony Bennet & Lady Gaga Cheek to Cheek

lady gaga

I don’t listen to music much. The radio in my van turns on automatically.  I turn it off automatically. I prefer listening to the engine whining and failing instead. Elvis was on BBC 4 last night, it was the young Elvis, not the bloated star he later became. Elvis live at, probably, Las Vegas. I listened for two minutes during the adverts. He was terrible. That was Elvis in his prime.

I’ve only ever been to one concert. Obviously it was U2. The only reason I went was because I fancied the pants off some girl who fancied the pants off Bono. God how sad is that? You’ll need to ask Bono. He does that God thing now of saving the world. I’m backing him to fix global warming.

So if we compare my record collection and yours, you’ll win. But Match of the Day had just finished and I was intrigued by Tony Bennet, who is older than Elvis and marginally more alive, duetting with Lady Gaga in some jazzy little numbers with full orchestra and dancers backing them.

Five things I know about Lady Gaga. Emmmm? She was number one with some song that goes eeeee, oh, oh and something else. She took over from Madonna as the most commercially successful singer in Madonna land.  Oh, yeh, and she kissed Madonna. I remember that now. Both are great publicists.

What I now know is Lady Gaga is fucking brilliant. She’s got a great voice. Knows how to move. Is a real stage presence and a real star. I watched 15 minutes and boy does that Lady Gaga deserve every bit of success she gets, well I’d say yeh, but you’d need to ask Bono to be sure.


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