Insane Fight Club II, BBC 1, (Scotland) 10.35pm produced and directed by Stephen Bennet.

insane fight

Lots of folk may be asking why I’m watching Insane Fight Club when I live in Dalmuir and am living it. Well, quite simple. I went out to watch the Celtic game in the Horsie and we couldn’t watch the second half because the internet was buggered and it was a crap game. That’s the kinda insanity I’m forced to put up with and if I put insane before most of my actions it makes them looking slightly interesting. So I came in after a couple of pints and the choices were watching Justin gets an insane amount of beaver or he goes insane turning it down. And remains just friends with some super-hotty. Or friends with benefits. Well, we all know how much the media and government hate people with benefits. I know it’s insane so I had to block such wankcraft.

The only options were going to my bed and getting an insane amount of sleep or watching insane fight club. Insanity, but I chose the latter. Must say I’m a bit insane but I quite enjoyed it.

The first scene is the bloke that manages insane fight club being filmed up in our very own Titan in Clydebank. It’s an insane idea. Only I think it was more the producer/ director’s idea. Getting up an insane height with a panoramic view of an insane little town makes everything else feel normal.

Anyway the insane fight club crew go on tour to Geordieland, Liverduddlyland and Brummi-engerland but they’ve not done much prepping and nobody expects them. Insane or what? They take a campervan and bundle everybody in it. Drink and eat shite and ape to the camera. They make plenty of fart joke like this place is so bouffing. Dirty weekend. Insanity. Sorry, you had to be there.

They come back and do a gig in Barrowland. Sell out. Pack the dafties in. World Championship and all that. Big Daddy, Giant Haystacks and Kendo Nagasaki were there. Insanity or what? Looked like good clean fun. If the guys can make a few bob, why not? Good luck to them. I’ve got an insane amount of reading and writing to do, but if there’s another episode on I’ll watch it.

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