eclipse 9.31 am


I must admit it was a disappointing day for school kids. They were getting so excited about the thought of going blind, looking at something they shouldn’t have been looking at. When it all kicked off they were lined up with heads tilted like spanners tightening wee specs on expectant pudgy faces.

What the fuck’s that? was the collective sigh.

All I can see is fucking clouds.

Where’s the best place to see the eclipse Sir?

Someone said the Faroe Isles.

Another cry was for Edinburgh.

The best place to see the eclipse I suggested was on the moon, but don’t travel with Richard Branson.

It got a bit darker. All the birds went silent. Pickpockets all over the world made hay when the sun didn’t shine.  The eclipse was finished before it even started. I blamed cutbacks in the BBC and ushered the kids back inside.

Wait sir, it’s happening now.

Eclipsed by a seven-year old.

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