Sweets and learning how to share!

  1. selection box.jpg
  2. Eat all the sweets you like best. Crunchies, are great. Mars Bars are yummy.
  3. Eat all the sweets you don’t like. Fudge taste like shit.
  4. Learn to share.
  5. Leave spangles for someone else.
  6. Eat the spangles because someone might choke on them.
  7. Leave the orange spangles. If you eat them you deserve to choke
  8. Eat the orange spangles.
  9. Moan because you need crisps from the ice-cream man and you never get anything.
  10. Smash the crisps up in the packet in case you have to share. Your brother and sisters, especially Phyllis, are greedy bastards. They always get everything. It’s not fair. You hate everyone and you never get what you want. Worst Christmas ever.

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