What planet are you on mate?

I’m biased, partisan, and a bit of a bampot. In a simple quiz, for example, in which the policies of David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn’s were mixed and matched and I was asked whether I agreed or disagreed, I’d agree with about 99% of Corbyn’s policies. I imagine the 1% I’d disagree with Corbyn would probably have to do with prison regulation and the use of force. I would want to torture David Cameron and people like him. People that tilt the money game, by hooks and crooks, so they and their ilk always win. But I’d also like to frack under my house for gas deposits and fit as many illegal ‘spoilers’ to cars and vans so they would pass their emission tests as I could – as long as the money was good enough. I’m a champagne socialist without the booze and without any unnecessary baggage of ideology that might inconvenience me. A lottery win of £33 million sounds good to me, but given the chance of being paid £100 million paid in wages and bonuses over a two year period to run and manage Apple, I’d take the latter, the former, and anything else I could get. But I’m not stupid. Whoever wields the biggest stick gets pretty much what they want. I don’t like admitting this, but my stick is infinitely small, it doesn’t even register as a dot on the stick scale. But I learned to read at an early age. I liked fairy tales and this is the best I’ve read in a while.

Quote from an interview (Carole Cadwallder, Changing what we call homehttp://www.theguardian.com/global/2016/jan/11/wework-transforming-office-life-and-home-life-carole-cadwalladr) and this is up there with Donny Osmond and Puppy Love as a marriage manual for people that overdose on syrup.

‘Driving here, I looked into the windows of office buildings in London. People looking miserable. See here? They’re working but they’re smiling. What we’re disrupting is work, because it used to be: “I need to work because that’s my job, then I use that money to live.” I don’t believe that’s true. I think that your life should be about creating your life’s work. I believe that when you do what you love you find higher levels of satisfaction that can compensate for lower income. I actually think most people do what they love because it’s really important to them.’

Shucks. Mom and apple pie and let’s wave the flag. But if you think that’s bad, wait until you read about his light bulb moment when he seen the light, of course it’s not a train. Running a company that sold clothes for babies, or very small people with baldy heads, his then girlfriend now wife opened his eyes by asking one of life’s great questions. ‘Look, you’re all confused,’ she said. ‘You’re trying to make money – that’s not how to build a great business. What’s your intention? What’s your meaning behind what you do? How is it going to be meaningful to other people?’

Adam Neumann lives the dream and has the vision. Live the dream too. Pay £725 if you want to rent office space in London from him. He and his partner Maguel McKelvey the co-founders of WeWork sell themselves as a tech company and their valuation has shot up to $10 billion. 260 000 members in 376 locations. WeWork works for the founder and it could work for you too. They only ask for a measly $10 000 per person per annum, with a 40% profit margin, make a few cutbacks in your life and stop working. In fact don’t bother paying their rent. They’ll understand. Live the dream and smile.

2 thoughts on “What planet are you on mate?

    1. cheer Peter, I guess we all get a bit jaded, but that doesn’t make us daft. Most folk take an instrumental view to work, but guys like this that live on the moon they get away with spouting any old shite and people clap.


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