I heard on the radio this afternoon that by a majority verdict of seven to two the jury at the inquest of the Hillsborough disaster, where 92 people died, many of them teenage boys, found that they were unlawfully killed. I don’t really know what that means, but hearing those at the inquest singing the Liverpool anthem ‘Walk On’ made me feel tearful. A vindication for those families that campaigned and sought justice and truth. Let us not forget the media smear campaigns, Murdoch’s  Sun, in particular, reaching even by their standards, an all-time low.  And a police force used to breaking the law and breaking heads, experience gained during the miners’ strike March 1984 – March 1985. And Thatcherism, let us not forget the ideology that made the conflation of working class and  football supporter, criminal. The truth is out and walking about and I’m delighted. Twenty-six years of lies –unravelled. ‘Walk On’.

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