Glaswegian dialect and how to rate books on Amazon.


If you are old enough you’ll remember the teacher at school leaving a star on the page of your jotter for writing. Gold, silver, yellow and red stars. Well, Amazon do the same kind of thing. You hover over the star and there’s suggestion of how much you liked or disliked a book. If you hover over the customer reviews and click you can read what reviewers thought about the book. https://www.amaz

Then if you right click on the write a customer review box you can also write a review. Try it at home. Hover the cursor over and in the Glaswegian version of Amazoneze will pop up alongside one star with the suggestion that reading this book is, one star: ‘like lying in your own pish’.


scottie.jpgTwo star:  ‘Fannywash’.

Three star: ’Shitehawk, but not as bad as you’d think’.

Four star:‘could be no bad at times’.

Nothing is ever dreamed good enough. If God made the world in seven days, somebody knows somebody that could have done it cheaper, with less fuss and better. The best a Glaswegian can ever hope for is that something was no bad. See that Pele, for example, he was no’ a bad player. Diego Maradonna, no’bad.

Five star:’no bad’.

In the Weegie language dictionary there is no equivalent word to good. Good is getting above yourself and indulging in a bit of fannywash and the best thing you can do is go and lie in your own pish. It’s a very visceral language, which is no bad for some things.

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