Deep Water written by Kris Wyld, Director Shawn Seet.

deep water.jpg

I’m a big fan of BBC 4 and Nordic noir. This feels like cheating, get into dialect and ask yourself how the fuck can we have Aussie noir, when everything is bright and breezy and the action takes place within spitting distance of Bondi beach? But here we have the usual motifs, an outsider in the police department, looking to prove herself  Tori Lustigman (Yael Stone) a pint-sized cop, an Aussie Sarah Lund, not sporting a Christmas reindeer on her knitted sweater, but a body hugging bikini as she swims shark-like out of the spray onto the beach. Her first case is the murder of a gay man that had been tied to his bed. The suspect apparently fled from the apartment onto the Bondi. They have a suspect, the gay man’s boyfriend who’s been chucked by the man that’s been murdered. Stir with the big spoon that the murdered man’s mum is coloured and refuses to believe her son was gay, the murdered man’s neighbour upstairs that’s clearly homophobic and has a prison record and a brother of the victim that swears he’s going to kill the Persian that killed his brother. Add the spice of  the secret that Tori can’t tell anyone, least of all her partner on the case Nick Manning (Noel Taylor) that her beloved brother was gay and died near that very spot, accidental death by drowning, was the verdict. Tori is not so sure, especially when investigating into the current case turns over a spree of similar accidental deaths, nineteen years before. There’s always a grizzled ex-cop on hand to tell it like it was. ‘Poofter bashing was a sport back then. A blood sport.’ Her boss Chief Inspector Peel (William McInnnes) doesn’t seem too impressed and tells her to concentrate police resources on the case in hand. But with the same type of killings mounting and linking the past with the present and a gang of locals led by the O’ Donahue brothers, and a weapon that forensics shows was involved in at least one killing and the paperwork trail pointing to Chief Inspector Peel being complacent then, or conspiring now, to protect local ‘poofters’ in his pay then there’s lots of circles to square in those pink triangles. Terrific and well worth watching.

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