Celtic 3—0 Aberdeen.

trio of goalscorers.jpg

I predicted 4—1 to Celtic before kick-off. My predictions usually hit the bar and go out for a corner, so no great surprise there. The bookies were laughing, yet again.  Celtic’s hundredth-trophy win, fling in the Scottish Premier League that’s one-hundred and one and if it’s as easy as this then it won’t be long until the Scottish Champions hit two-hundred. Aberdeen got a boost before the game with the omission of Scott Sinclair who has went through most teams in Scotland like an anthrax virus. My mate Rab Wylie gave us a shock when he claimed to know the Celtic team in advance but could list only five players. That might have given Aberdeen a chance, but two of them were Tom Rogic who scored a classic and James Forest, who scored another and his darting run into the box got Celtic a second-half penalty, scored from the spot by Moussa Dembele. The Don’s game plan is familiar to anyone that knows how to string ten men behind the ball (aka Walter Smith) and hope for a breakaway win. Here Aberdeen were pedestrian and Celtic strolled to victory.   In a one off match such as a Scottish Cup tie the diddy teams have a chance, but if Celtic keep strengthening and hang onto the best players – we’ll get one more year out of Dembele before a thirty-million offer and he’s not bye, bye, but sell, sell- then the laws of diminishing returns kicks in. A new era under Brendan Rodgers is underway. In three or four years he’ll be off too, but a perfect day and a perfect start.

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