Celtic 0—0 Rosenberg


The Invincible Treble winning team of last year is no more. This was the first real test of the current Celtic team. A flat Celtic performance more akin to Ronnie’s reign. We no longer have Patrick Roberts, which is a great pity as he showed he can play centre-forward when Dembele and/or Griffiths are out as they were tonight. Rogic showed here he is no number 9. He was possibly Celtic’s worst player, but James Forest would give him a run for his money. Back to being the James Forest we know, but don’t want to know. Neither Forest not the substitute Johnny Hayes are a patch on Roberts. So Celtic are weaker and it’s that old cliché they could have played all night and not scored. Hayes came on for Nitcham after 70 minutes. The latter and the former are we’ll a wait-and-see player. I’d like to say Celtic had chances. I suppose Forest was closest to scoring and Rogic had a few efforts which were over the bar.

But the truth is seventy minutes gone and de Landner for Rosenberg missed an absolute sitter from the centre of the goal, eight yards out. Bedner also fluffed his lines minutes later and if he was any kind of centre-forward he too would have scored. Rosenberg also had the first credible scoring chance of the game.

Celtic poor all over the park. I thought it was quite a difficult draw getting Rosenberg. I hate all the talk about getting to the knock-out stages of the Champions League. It’s a kind of deceit. I’m just happy to get into the Champions League. We can score away from home and beat Rosenberg. But if Rosenberg had any quality finishers this tie would be done and Celtic would be out. Fifty-fifty now and this could go either way. Oh how the Rangers’ fans will gloat if we got out. C’mon the Celtic. But even if we do make it through to the next knock-out round this should knock on the head all that rubbish about being too strong for teams from so called weaker nations. Remember we’re Scottish and we’re guff. That’s a good starting point.

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