Champions League, Celtic v PSG.


Some things are as predictable as a blind man waving a white stick. Ranger’s supporters are saying what they say every year when Celtic make £30 or £40 million from the Champions League and they can’t make progress against a team called Progres who are fourth best in the a Luxembourg league, which is the equivalent of the Scottish First or Second Division, and you’d think that would shut them up, but it angers them even more and they cry Celtic won’t get a point. They’ll get hammered 7-0 by PSG, as they did against Barcelona over a year ago, but let’s remember that was after humping the mighty Gers 5-1 and it should have been ten. Celtic are Scottish invincibles. They deserve to be where they are. Compare them with the financial firepower of PSG with Neymar’s £200 odd million, Mabappe’s £170 odd million and even the guys that won’t be playing such as Silva’s £35 million and Di Maria’s £45 million are enough to buy all of Scottish football and that includes the stadiums and makes David Murray’s grand-theft Ranger’s scheme look like financial-fair play in an Oddbins kind of way.  And yet the usual rules apply.

It’s 11 men against 11. We are the diddy team so our goal keeper Craig Gordon must not make any blunders as he did on Friday night against Hamilton. He must play the game of his life. Griffiths, or even the promising young striker Osdonne Edouard, on loan from parent- club PSG (worth a punt as an outside bet for first goal) because not surprisingly he can’t get a game in his homeland, must take what few chances we create. Our makeshift defence, the real weakness in a Celtic team that can hold its own in most other areas of the pitch, must hold out. Unless we go with a back three, which is a possibility, then Bitton, in particular, must not play like a fanny and be found out as he has in some many other European games already this year. But remember we used to go with the mighty McManus and Caldwell in defence who were poor enough to be regular Scottish internationals. So there’s nothing new happening here. Selling-on prices for seats £2 500. Fuck off. Celtic might well get hammered and they probably will, but listen to the Zadok the Priest and the Champions League theme music and go green with envy. Here’s where we want to be. Here’s where we deserve to be. C’mon the Celts.

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