Child of Mine, Channel 4, 10pm

chld of mine.jpg

One in 200 hundred births end in stillbirth. This documentary follows three couples through the ordeal and deals sensitively with the issues of loss and pain. In one London borough the Registrar dealt with six babies that were born dead that week. Spoiler: It will make you cry.

My mum lost her first-born child, Michael, and she might have lost another baby, but I was never told, being a boy, being a baby boy that the doctors also though would die. I wrote this after watching in remembrance of my mum and all the things I never knew.

Love you too

A pearl of irregular shade

At the heart of grief

There’s a thief

Who stole your breath – away

And yet

To commiserate, to celebrate

Fragments of forgetting

And forever home

What’s missing bittersweet

An antechamber of pain

I cannot hold you again



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