Scotland’s Stories (2022).

I usually pick up these wee books from the library every year. Anybody that has written anything knows the feeling of triumph at being published. They are published by Scottish Book Trust. And they’re free. The paradox of free stuff is snob value. If it’s free, it must be shite.

Almost thirty stories and poems in five sections—Community legends, Making it home, Origin Stories, Finding my place and Tales to treasure—and not one dud.

Most stories are told in a page or two. There is an art to that. Try it at home. You’ll find it’s as easy as painting your reflection in a dark room.

Foxes, by Iris Potter, for example, has that first line that draws you into the story.

‘My dad came across an abandoned fox cub when he was of primary school age.’

I might have suggested ‘primary-school age’ but everything else is good to go. The reader has a question that needs answered. What happened next?

I’ll not tell you. You can find out for yourself. And it’s free. Pick one up from your library.  Read on.   


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