call me Dave.

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Beveridge’s giants to slay: ignorance.

I’ve shown quite a lot about discriminatory bias in the past. (It’s the economy stupid!) And I’ve written quite a bit, perhaps too much, about how those nice Conservative gentlemen in government, who won an election victory fair and square (well, kinda and not even kinda in Scotland) are simple folk who want to make the world better by handing increasingly large sums of money to rich folk to help poor folk get richer. But it’s Pantomime season and I like this story. I’m sometimes not sure who is the back end of Dobbin, David Cameron or George Osborne. The latter pickpocketed money from poor folk, but perhaps he hoped they wouldn’t notice his weasley scheme, and if they did, he’d be Prime Minister himself by them and could blame someone else. Now, even I’m flabbergasted.

John Niven, in the Sunday Mail, shows David Cameron really must believe that when we pull back the curtain and he’s peddling furiously, moving the scenery and shouting, telling us where we went wrong and how we can make it right – that he actually believed it. The Conservative Prime Minister writes to a Conservative council leader Ian Huspeth in Oxford and asks him why he’d made such dreadful cuts to ‘frontline services’ such as care of the elderly. Couldn’t the councillor made savings by sacking some dreadful working-class people that weren’t needed, not hired people that were needed, and sold off some surplus land and council properties. But Dave says Councillor Huspeth I’ve already sacked 2 800 staff, sold off all our ‘surplus property’ to try and make up our £72 million deficit because we get 37% less from central government than we got last year. Surely you can see that? And we’ve not even made inroads to the cuts needed for this year.

‘Sure,’ said Dave. ‘Don’t tell your mum and I’ll slip you the odd £100 million.’

[Hint: I made Dave’s reply up]