Blogging 201: Set three goals.

I’d like to know what I’m doing. I don’t know for example, how the dashboard works. That seems pretty stupid. I seem pretty stupid. But I don’t mind that. I just want to do things and be one of these people that knows how to pop pictures and drawing, perhaps a graph or something that explains something. I’ll give you an example of this. When Gladstone introduced the old-age pension for Britain in 1908, he asked one question, when do most folk die? The answer was around sixty-five. A new policy. Anybody over sixty-five got a pension. How liberal was that? Now, of course, sixty-five is when pensioners start hitting cruise control. At the same time families of eight or nine children are not as common and not as many folk are being born.  If you have eight or nine children, rest assured, other people hate you. They’ll call you a welfare scrounger. The paradox is although we live in a gerontocracy we need young people to maintain our standard of living. There’s a growing deficit. This can be shown in a simple diagram. In Gladstone’s era the dimensions for age, measured in years, would be the vertical axis and the number of people alive, numbered in thousands, would be the bottom axis. I’d guess it would look something like a triangle. Now the triangle is slowly turning the other way, tipping upside down. It would be great if I’d magical powers and could do something like that.


  • I’d also like to find time to read other’s blogs. I have checked a few out, but sometimes it asks me something I can’t answer like who is my gravitar and I just panic and leave, working on the assumption I can and will crash the net.


  • I suppose what I’m saying is I’d like to be a tech geek, or at least sound and talk like one. If that’s not possible I’d just like to know what I’m doing and be able to figure out what I’m not doing. Trial and error may be great, but whoever wants to go on trial has something wrong with them.
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