sj howarth (2018) painting for lemonade

painting for lemonade.jpg

I must admit to not really knowing where a poem begins or ends. I guess it’s about the sharpness of the image and that something that sticks in the craw. I enjoyed this collection and it’s important to remind people how we see the world, how we order words and ideas, of ‘you know whathisname, who had the desk by the watercooler’.

stop being careful.

Let’s try and work it out together.  The last bit is me, the reader.

The poem, that’s not a poem, acknowledgements sums it all up

i am fortunate enough to come from a bold, strong and encouraging family, and warm gratitude and love goes to all of them, across the generations

special thanks to mum, who taught me life is much more exciting, offers much more when you run towards things that are scary and unknown, not away from them.

…thank you to cerasus for taking a gamble on this collection

high praise to for giving poets a space to enjoy one another

finally, thanks to nature in all her guises and to the universe for sustaining me, looking out for me

yep, that about sum is up. The last bit is me again, the reader.  I’ll shut up now.  Have a look for yourself. Read on.