Scotland Will Be Free

Scotland holds no grudge against the English.

Ay, no’ even Welsh dragons, or God Help us

You might be thinking, the woad-stained blue of the Irish.


Yer common people born in Newcastle, Johannesburg or Dubai

Even God makes mistakes with people like you and I.

Scotland is not free.


The moneyed folk sell us apartheid and little hope.

Oil the wheels of commerce with buckshee cash.


I bought a council house in Drumchapel with pebble-dash.

No surrender to the work-shy neighbour.

Dependent on the state.

English rule, can be cruel, but he’s no’ part of me.

Poverty, ill-health and low life-expectancy.

Eat your fill and thank the weevils for their loving sagacity.

No! I’m part of the moral majority.

Don’t look back at your glorious history.

England, as a nation, has no interest in what we want to be.

No Lords or Ladies will bend at the knee

Crawl on your bellies and they’ll let you be free.

English law, serfdom, subject to rich man’s revolt


An egalitarian system that has no vote.

No to the slow oil-spill on our cognition.

Do you believe yoked leaves one missing?


No to the bloated beasties that have more than their say.

Owner-occupied, one careful owner.


Fear is the axis on which we turn

England does not offer enlightenment for its poor sons

A radical plea – September 2014

Replace the weevil-masters with someone like you and me.