Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg is a modern Joan of Arc, a secular saint. A stick on for a Nobel Peace Prize, and other useless baubles, she’s telling you like it is, ‘our house is on fire’.

Saints are compelled to speak the truth. We know that Greta stopped speaking at the age of eleven, she’s sixteen now. Victims of violence often display signs of elective mutism. Harpie on ABCtales, for example, stopped speaking after being sent to a children’s home, after her father killed her mother and began raping her. Greta chose to stop speaking for a different reason. We can guess what it was because when she did speak it was in front of the Biksadag in Stockholm. ‘I am doing this because you adults are shits,’ she is reported to have said.

The Prophet Abraham’s dialogue with God before Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed involved a bit more give and take. God agreed not to destroy the cities if 50 just men could be found. Abraham wangled God down to an agreement the cities would not be destroyed if ten just men could be found. Fire and brimstone to the losers, Lot’s wife suffered the consolation prize of being turned into a pillar of salt for looking the wrong way.

President Trump one of ‘the adult shits’ is also looking the other way. God knows, he’s really a petulant child and bully boy, deleting mentions of global warming from government bodies and websites that depend on federal funding. He also smashed seventy years of carefully framed environmental legislation and withdrawn the biggest debtor nation from the Paris agreement on reduced carbon emissions.

The Organization for Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) declared Thunberg and climate activists the biggest threat to the fossil fuel industry. They demand to leave fossil fuels in the ground as a starting point for turning around global warming. Sackcloth and ashes is no longer enough. The moron’s moron in the Whitehouse is, of course, their biggest and most vocal friend.

Adults should leave their children a better world. Our generation will leave the next, the mass extinction of species. More deaths than the first and second world wars combined. The black death of global warming will mean every stream and river will be a battlefield between competing nations.

Saints, even the secular variety, suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder.  The Prophet Muhammad tried to escape from God by hiding in his wife’s lap. God is like gravity, you can’t escape whatever way you twist and turn. Thunberg argues we can escape global warming. I’d like to believe her. We’d need to see a change of men’s heart. We’d need to see a miracle. Secular saints don’t do miracles. There’s no reason for it. We just need to rely on human reason and good sense. That worries me most of all.

If God can find 50 just and rational men…or even women.


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