Des Dillon (2004) The Glasgow Dragon

I’m as repetitive as person with Alzheimer’s, but I think I may have picked this book up before and read the start of it. I really wanted to like this book, but didn’t get beyond page 40. We have the Triads: Tia Lo (the boss) his beautiful daughter Ming Fu. I could tell you who the other Triads are but really who cares. There’ll be another along shortly. And why do all daughters have to be beautiful? Why can’t she look like a banana? Well one reason is Bonzo in Chrisite Devlin’s crew wants to get inside her pants. That adds tension to the story line. Christie Devlin is hard as fuck. Possil. Ruckhill. Maryhill. All conquered by the time he’s 21. Married now to a posh bird that went to convent school (or something like that), with an English accent, who loves raw sex with her animal of a husband. She’s promised a house in Galloway as a love nest of a reward. That’s where eh, Des Dillon lives. And when Devlin’s crew arranges a meeting with the Triads in a casino to arrange a shipment of pure heroin, one of the croupiers is a ‘white-skinnned Scottish girl, long brown hair and straight shoulders’. That had me screaming offside. (Sorry, watching too much of Euro2016). But that’s an identikit of Connie who Manny marries in My Epileptic Lurcher and they go and live unhappily in Galloway. My guess is Devlin and this identikit will, because Dillon likes the Connie lookalike, get together later in the book. The Triads need to sort things out there end. Devlin has a hit list of who he needs to sort his end. Then the streets of Glasgow will be covered with snow. That’s the idea. But there’s one name on that list Devlin doesn’t know about. It’s all Chinese to me (yep, there are plays on the Chinky-winky jokes that us Glaswegians like more that prawn crackers) but I guess the path to Class-A drugs won’t run smoothly. The sad bit is I don’t really give a fuck. It’s a closed book.

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