Euro2016. I turn my back and England exits and takes Scotland with it.

I wrote this in a post entitled ‘One Nation, Aye right, What planet are you living on, pal?’ over a year ago. I’ll recap below. Another post was on Boris Johnson’s big gamble. If you’re skin is not sickly white and if you speak with a funny accent I’d be very, very worried. Perhaps we can send the over a million Polish people living here to America to help them build a big wall to keep out Mexicans. Frightening times. All we need now is for Trump to triumph over the other side of the Atlantic and we will be back in the dark ages (no pun intended).


The Scottish National Party for whom I voted with fifty-two percent of the popular vote in Scotland and 56 of 59 seats is the winner. When Osborne dismantles the welfare state and hollows out the rights of workers and reduces those on benefits to rations and foodbanks that no modern European country, or its citizens, would find tolerable, Salmond can smugly say I told you so. But he can do nothing about it. Win win for him and SNP. Lose, lose for those on less than £100 000 a year.

History is when we’re doomed to make the same mistakes. After the Scottish referendum was lost in 1979 Labour were called the ‘feeble fifty’ because over fifty Labour Members of Parliament had Scottish seats but they could do nothing to halt Thatcherism. SNP MPs mirror that reality.

The big hope is when Cameron holds a referendum over Britain leaving the EEC.  England may well vote yes. Scotland will vote no. We could have a constitutional crisis. I’m sorry to say I was right about the Tory’s winning this election, but less sorry about predicting SNP sweeping Labour aside in Scotland. They got what they deserve.

2 thoughts on “Euro2016. I turn my back and England exits and takes Scotland with it.

  1. Interesting times. I don’t know anyone who voted “Out” down here, bar red-faced shitehawks in pubs and in the queue at the Co, and a relative who has nothing to worry about financially.


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