An Irish Goodbye, BBC 1, BBC iPlayer, Directors Ross White and Tom Berkeley.

An Irish Goodbye is an award-winning short film. The plot is simple. An Irish mammy dies and her two boys need to arrange her funeral. Turlough, the older brother, returns from London to sell the farm and to make sure Lorcan is taken care of. He assumes his younger brother will go and live with his Auntie because he’s got Down’s syndrome. An extra chromosome doesn’t stop Lorcan making his own mind up and having his own plans to stay put.

Father O’Shea, a Father Ted like character, helps to referee. He brings to the funeral a bucket list of things their mammy wanted to do before she died. Turlough and Lorcan call a truce and agree to complete the 100 items on the bucket list. 101 items. The killer is at the end, but it’s not unexpected in a feel-good way.   

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