Mohsin Hamid (2007) The Reluctant Fundamentalist

reluctant fundamentalist.jpg

I watched The Reluctant Fundamentalist on BBC 2 recently.  Mohsin Hamid was screenwriter and author, and the role of the narrator in the book Change[z] is much the same, but the plotting is slightly different. In particular, Changez’s exotic girlfriend, Erica,  in the book is given a backstory.  Changez, in his doomed love affair,  mirrors her doomed love affair. It’s a short novel. Very few films are better than the book. Ben Hur is an example. This is another.  Here is a reluctant poetry offering reviewing both.

Collateral Damage. 

Sir, you need to be careful here

Corporate collegiality offers a veneer

Deep down we eat our young

Our concern is not to be your friend

And to make you pay

No matter what you say

Foreignness is not a choice

Lucid but without voice

A worldview that is unfair

Mirrors a society that doesn’t care

Time doesn’t diminish identity

Meaning relies on natural empathy

Collateral damage